The Women’s Sexuality Center is under the direction of Pamela Madison, licensed acupuncturist, sex educator and pioneer in the field of female sexuality. She assists women in raising their sexual self esteem, experience greater orgasmic abilities and increasing the connection between sexuality and spirituality. Her groundbreaking work also includes recovery from psychosexual traumas such as childhood sexual abuse and rape.

Pamela teaches sexual empowerment programs, tantric trainings and maintains an extensive private practice in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. In 1994 she founded the Women's Sexuality Center in her hometown of Santa Barbara, where she lives and homeschools her seventeen-year-old son.

For more information about Pamela Madison's sexual healing practice,
call 805.729.2590 or email her directly.

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Pamela was featured in the DVD Heart's Cracked Open. You can order this DVD here.

Praise for Pamela:

Pamela Madison's teaching provides inspiration and hope by showing how to make sexuality part of our daily lives in creative, purposeful ways.
- Jamie Goddard
Author, Lesbian Sex Secrets for Men

I applaud Pamela Madison's vision, intelligence and sheer guts. Women doing hands-on sexual healing are the modern priestesses of our times. Whether we call ourselves Sex Coaches, Sexuality Trainers, Sexual Healers or Tantra Practitioners, we are doing sacred work by bringing pleasure to women.
- Betty Dodson, PhD.

Pamela Madison is a leading sex expert.
- USA Today

If anybody even mentions the word sex in my office I send them to Pamela.
- John Combs, PhD., MFCC

Pamela Madison has a bold vision for women having freedom and joy in one of the most important aspects of their life, their sexuality.
- Rayona Sharpnack
Founder, The Institute for Women's Leadership

You're in good hands with Pamela.
- Staci Haines
Author, Survivors Guide to Sex

Sometimes the advice and medical treatment I give my patients for sexual dysfunction isn’t effective. I consult with Pamela Madison regularly for her expertise and uncanny intuition with women’s sexual issues. Whenever I’m stumped, I call Pamela.
- Regina Rasmusson, M.D., OB/GYN