Pamela is honored with a 2003 Local Hero Award from The Independent. This article ran November 26, 2003.

Pamela Madison: Sexual Healing for Mind, Body, and Soul

A visionary pioneer, Pamela Madison has carved her own path into the often taboo field of human sexuality. Raised in a strict religious household, Pamela Madison worked hard as an adult to release the shame and embrace her own sexuality. She was practicing as an accupuncturist when she was called on to help a woman stuck in labor, frightened because the birth was bringing up memories of early sexual abuse. Madison intuitively knew that the woman did not need accupuncture; she needed to feel safe enough to release her emotional story. Laying one gentle hand on the stressed woman's heart and the other on her "yoni" or vagina, she helped the woman navigate through her trauma. The labor changed course, and so did Madison's career.

Expanding her accupuncture practice to include enhancing her clients' connection to their "second chakra", Madison began to attract legions of women for whom the shame-laden subject of sexual intimacy remained a question. Since then she has held many workshops and classes, educational and healing sessions, in which women, men and couples have learned to be spiritually whole and reclaim a healthy connection to their sexual selves.

Though occasionally challenged by direct and unspoken reactions to her chosen role, the devoted mother and sexual healer has stayed true to her course. "My whole life I've been driven by an inner calling to teach and heal. Helping people heal sexually and experience their sexual soul is my life's work and privilege."


TEL: 805.729.2590


Women's Sexuality Center
3905 State St. #209
Santa Barbara CA 93105




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