This article ran in the For Your Health section of The Independent, January 30, 2003.

My G-Spot and Me


Ask yourself: Have you found your G-spot? Most women – including me until last Sunday – would frown, and think of more questions than answers. The 12 women who gathered at the Women’s Sexuality Center for an all-day G-spot workshop by Pamela Madison learned the answers to their questions, as well as the history, the science, the basic techniques, and the glory of the G-spot. The class members sat in a circle, commenting and asking questions freely. The fact that I was in a room with women who were so open with their sexuality, with what they did and did not know, was the most beneficial part of the workshop. We learned that the G-spot is only one small part of a woman’s sexuality. Furthermore, everything within a woman’s life is connected to her yoni (vagina). With a G-spot orgasm, Madison explained, can come an understanding and release of trauma that one has carried all her life. Pamela Madison’s center was founded in 1994, and since then she has provided the community with extensive workshops about the sacredness of sexuality. When asked her long-term mission for her work, she answered,

Pamela Madison taught the basics of G-Spot orgasm and how to use a kegelcisor (shown) in her workshop at the Women's Sexuality Center last Sunday.

"To me, sexuality and spirituality are inseparable. What I do is show people how to make that connection." She also demonstrated how – with years of practice and a pumped up PC (pubococygeal) muscle – one can have an orgasm through intense breathing alone. It was the icing on the cake that prompted me to sign up for the next class, a six-week workshop of awakening, awareness, and orgasmic yummy-ness. Contact the Women’s Sexuality Center at 805.729.2590, stop by 30 W. Mission St., Suite 8, or visit


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