This article ran shortly after our Open House, highlighting our newly expanded center.

New Enterprise Column


The Women's Sexuality Center, which offers educational classes and workshops in sacred sexuality and the art of intimacy for women, men and couples, recently expanded its offices and offered a packed open house to showcase the new space. Starting with a support group of 16 women in 1993, founder Pamela Madison said the center will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year. "It's been an amazing success; so many people have gone through the classes and it has been a blessing in their lives." she said. New to the center are the expanded upstairs quarters at its office building on Mission Street.

"We installed a tonic bar so that people can come by and relax, get a refreshment, any time during the day" she said. There is a lending libary with books on various topics related to the center's work, as well as a gift shop. Also new is a treatment room, which will be available for therapists and body workers. In the works is a Chinese herbal pharmacy, which will cater specifically to Ms. Madison's libido-enhancement program. "My background is in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, so I've been wanting to put this together for a while", said Ms Madison. The center is at 30 W. Mission St. Suite 8. For more information call 729.2590 or visit


TEL: 805.729.2590


Women's Sexuality Center
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